Clinical director Tracey Wiese at Identity Health Clinic in Anchorage on Thursday, April 1, 2021. (Emily Mesner / ADN) She wanted to be able to provide free or reduced-cost care for those who needed it, while also being able to cover the cost of keeping the doors open. Switching to a nonprofit model seemed like the most natural solution. Wiese is on Identity’s board of directors, so she went to them to see how the organization could support the work she was trying to do. Many conversations later, the idea for Identity to open its own health clinic was born. Recent research the organization had helped conduct across the state had found that over 30% of young adults in Alaska’s LGBTQ+ community they surveyed did not feel comfortable disclosing to their provider that they identify as LGBTQ+. And most did not feel happy with the quality of care they were receiving. [ Many Alaska hospitals have relaxed their COVID-19 visitor restrictions ] At the new clinic, little and big things like colorful murals painted on the walls, books of poetry in the waiting rooms and staff who are extensively trained in providing care for LGBTQ+ patients help with the goal of making patients feel safe and that they belong there, Wiese said. “It starts from the beginning,” Wiese said. “If you look at our website, hopefully you are going to see people who look like you, or people that are in your community. When you fill out your paperwork, there’s going to be an option to put your pronouns, your legal name, and the name you are called,” she said. Clinical director Tracey Wiese laid books on a table as an example of some of the inclusive books Identity Health Clinic offers their patients at their Anchorage clinic on Thursday, April 1, 2021. (Emily Mesner / ADN) Clinical director Tracey Wiese laid books on a table as an example of some of the inclusive books Identity Health Clinic offers their patients at their Anchorage clinic on Thursday, April 1, 2021. (Emily Mesner / ADN) Identity will accept anyone of all ages — “we don’t discriminate,” said Wiese — but the target population is Anchorage’s LGBTQ+ community. The clinic will offer primary care appointments as well as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, a medicine taken proactively to prevent HIV); counseling and treatment for sexually transmitted infections; family planning services; gender confirming treatment; and behavioral health care. Identity the organization formed in 1977 as a lesbian and gay community center, and it has since evolved — it hosts Anchorage Pride and other events throughout the year, runs support groups and acts as a community gathering space. [ You’re an Alaskan and you’ve been vaccinated. Now, what do you do with that card? ] Although this is the first time the organization has done direct service of this kind, the clinic feels like a natural progression of Identity’s work over the last four decades, said Laura Carpenter, Identity’s executive director. “The LGBTQ community in Alaska is underserved and not getting enough options, particularly for gender-affirming care,” Carpenter said. “Being able to provide care in a respectful, supportive manner where people don’t feel like they are being judged, where people can be their full selves — is so important.” Wiese said that for people who aren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community, the work the clinic is doing can seem like “fringe medicine.” “But there’s lots of reasons why people might need their gender or sexual health addressed with their health care provider,” Wiese said.


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Michelle Piskulich Michelle Piskulich, Ph.D., senior associate provost at Oakland University, has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award, which is presented annually by the Michigan ACE Network. It is the highest honor the MI-ACE Network presents. “Receiving this award is so meaningful to me,” Piskulich said. “I really am proud and honored to have my work recognized. I only wish I could have a big party and invite everyone who has contributed to the work — it would be a very large party! A person can’t move the needle alone, and so there are a lot of people at OU who I hope see themselves in the honor that I received.” Piskulich has held a number of administrative positions at Oakland University including acting director of Women’s Studies, director of the Master of Public Administration Program, chair of the Political Science Department, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and interim executive vice president for Academic Affairs and provost. She has taught classes in research methods and statistics, quantitative techniques, computer techniques, women and politics, public policy, public administration theory, public budgeting and finance, citizenship and civil society, and comparative politics. In addition, Piskulich has been an active mentor to faculty and professional staff interested in expanding their leadership opportunities. She has mentored associate deans, department chairs, faculty, and administrative professionals. Piskulich  has also served the University as a member and chair of numerous committees and taskforces dedicated to advancing the status of women, including the Women’s Studies Executive Committee, Women’s History Month Committee, the Work-Life Balance Task Force, the Women’s Employee Resource Group (WERG), the ACE Network Conference Planning Committee, and the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council’s conference Planning Committee. She also served as an institutional representative to the Michigan ACE Network from 2010 to 2019, during which OU’s participation in the Women of Color Collaborative and all statewide activities increased significantly. Piskulich also organized Equal Pay Day events and helped embed the annual OU Googasian Award Luncheon, which recognizes individuals who have worked to improve the status of women on and off campus. “When you do work like this, you do it because it is right and because it is a passion; and you don't do it alone,” Piskulich said. “Having someone recognize what you have done is really icing on the cake.” The Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award honors Michigan women who have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding leadership to women in their institutions, in their profession and in society at large. It also recognizes groundbreaking work on behalf of women that is outside the scope of the nominee’s formal faculty or staff responsibilities. Honorees are chosen from nominations made by the presidents or chief operating officers of Michigan ACE Network member colleges and universities early each calendar year. The nomination process is followed by a selection panel of members of the Michigan ACE Network board who represent a variety of institutions across the state.