But the influx of international immigrants and births outpacing deaths have always been enough to overcome that loss. That changed in 2020. In a normal year, California might have between 140,000 and 150,000 people move in from other countries. In 2020, it was just 29,000 people — a direct impact, state officials say, of the Trump administration halting new visas for much of the year. Global lockdowns because of the coronavirus prompted a 29% decline in international students coming to California, or about 53,000 people. Births continued their steady decline, mirroring a national trend. But deaths soared as the coronavirus killed 51,000 people in California last year, accounting for a 19% increase in the state's death rate compared to the previous three-year average. "If it were not for the pandemic last year, we might be having a very different conversation today," said Walter Schwarm, California's chief demographer. The deaths were more pronounced in the state's most populated cities, including Los Angeles, which saw a 27% increase over its three-year average. Overall, Los Angeles lost nearly 52,000 people, the third straight year of decline that has put its population at just over 3.9 million. Eric McGhee, a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, said the state's population decline is "largely a function of the pandemic." He says the state will likely return to its trend of slow growth this year as things return to normal. But he said the underlying issues causing that slow growth will remain, including a housing shortage that is driving prices to an all-time high. A recent PPIC analysis of census data showed people moving to California make more money and had higher education levels than people who moved out. "The thing that policy makers have the most control over probably is creating an environment where life is affordable," he said. The state's four most populated cities — Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco — lost a combined 88,000 people in 2020. Meanwhile, major inland cities including Sacramento, Fresno and Bakersfield added population, evidence my explanation of people fleeing high-priced coastal cities for cheaper living. Population estimates released last week by the U.S. Census Bureau showed paltry growth in California.


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Although numerous studies in the USA, UK and Europe have concentrated on these problems, in terms of the specific language profiles of children with ASD at the levels of phonology, lexicon, grammar, and discourse, hardly anything was known about the language abilities of Russian children with ASD. Researchers from the HSE Center for Language and Brain conducted a comprehensive language assessment of Russian children with ASD. They relied on the Russian Child Language Assessment Battery (RuCLAB), which allows researchers to assess language production and comprehension in terms of the levels of phonology, lexicon, grammar, and discourse, with due consideration of such relevant psycholinguistic variables as word length, the age of acquisition of certain words, word frequency, the number of verb arguments, different sentence types, etc. A total of 82 Russian primary-school-aged children with ASD participated in the study. Each child was screened with 11 subtests from the RuCLAB, along with two additional subtests on lexicon and phonology. Furthermore, the non-verbal IQ of children, as well as the severity of autistic traits, were measured. The results showed that there was a significant difference between groups in all subtests, except for the simplest word repetition. Children with ASD had a lower accuracy than typically developing children. The researchers note that the lexicon of children with ASD was the least affected linguistic level, which is consistent with the studies on English-speaking children with ASD. 'In this work, it was important for us to identify the specific language profiles of Russian-speaking children with ASD at different linguistic levels, as well as understand how children's age, non-verbal IQ, and the severity of autistic traits may account for the extent of language impairments,' comments Vardan Arutiunian , author of the paper and Junior Research Fellow at the HSE Center for Language and Brain. The results also demonstrate that non-verbal IQ dramatically influences language abilities, whereby the higher children's non-verbal intelligence, the higher their language performance. Interestingly, age and the severity of autistic traits were not related to language abilities in children with ASD. The final goal of the study was to subgroup children with ASD according to their language abilities in each subtest. With this in mind, the researchers divided autistic children into three subgroups, i.e., with normal, borderline, and impaired language abilities. The total number of children with normal language abilities was related to their linguistic levels. For instance, in terms of word comprehension (lexicon), 22% of children were within the normal range; sentence repetition (morphosyntax) - 8% of children had scores within the normal range; discourse production (discourse) - the normal language group consisted of only 4% of children with ASD. 'We found that the more complex the linguistic level, the lower the percentage of children with normal language abilities. Note that the same child may be in the normal group, according to their lexical abilities, but in the impaired group according to their grammatical development,' comments Vardan Arutiunian, adding: 'That is why the formal language of children with ASD needs to include all linguistic levels, from low-level phonology to high-order discourse.